Grains in my pantry

Grains in my pantry

 Quick Grain and Vegetable Combinations

We all have that day when we don’t have much time to put into cooking. But if you keep grains on hand, you can easily combine them with quick roasted or fresh vegetables for a delicious, nutritious side or main dish for dinner.

Basic grain recipes - Use 1 cup of uncooked grain, bring water to boil and add grain. Reduce to simmer and follow cooking times below.

Barley 3 cups water, simmer 1 hour, 15 min.

Brown rice 2 cups simmer 1 hour

Buckwheat groats 2 cups simmer 15 min.

Bulgur wheat 2 cups simmer 15-20 min.

Cracked wheat 2 cups simmer 25 min.

Millet 3 cups simmer 45 min.

Steel cut oats 2 cups simmer 30-40 min. (do not cover - will boil over

Whole wheat berries 3 cups simmer 1 hour

Additions - feel free to improvise with whatever you have in your pantry or refrigerator:

Roasted summer squash, sweet peppers, asparagus

Broccoli, sesame oil, chopped toasted peanuts

Sauteed mushrooms, snow peas and sliced water chestnuts

Tomato basil pesto, cooked zucchini and cooked and crumbled Italian sausage

Black beans, minced red onion, chopped red pepper cilantro and vinaigrette

Garbanzo beans, shredded carrots, parsley, ricotta and romano

Marinated artichoke hearts

Cooked lentils